6 Amazing Beverages to Try When Visiting Quito


Ecuador offers variety of local beverages with tropical flavors that are typical in South America. A great way to delve into the culture and history of the place you’re visiting is trying  the local cuisine and drinks. Would you like to refresh yourself with some Latin flavor? In list below you’ll find six delicious beverages you have to try when visiting Ecuador.

     1. Canelazo (Cinnamon Spiced Rum)

This warm alcoholic beverage, a favorite in Ecuador, will certainly warm you up on a cold night. It is made  with brown sugar, cinnamon and cloves, orange and lime juice, and aguardiente (or white rum). Depending on where you purchase it, the canelazo could have little to no alcohol content or it could be very strong. Is mildly sweet and deliciously flavored with spices.

     2. Aguardiente (Firewater)

This beverage is similar to rum. It is made from cane sugar and, in Ecuador, is left unflavored. It’s also a key ingredient in canelazo, the famous warm cinnamon rum mentioned previously. As the name suggests, your insides will definitely be warm after a shot of Aguardiente.

     3. Colada Morada (Spiced Fruit & Berry Drink)

This purple drink is made using black (or purple) corn flour, local fruit like naranjilla, pineapple, blackberries, blueberries, mortiño (Andean blueberry), and strawberry. Spices like:  cinnamon, cloves, allspice, lemongrass, orange peel, and brown sugar are also used. Colada Morada is usually served warm, although it is just as  good when served cold.

     4. Horchata Tea

This refreshing herbal tea, a famous drink from the province of Loja, is made with 28 different herbs, such as chamomile, rose geranium, mint, verbena, lemongrass, and flax. Other medicinal flowers included in horchata tea are small roses, violets, begonias, carnations, fuschias and malva olorosa/malva blanca – which are flowers from the mallow family.

Horchata Tea is said to have many health benefits and it tastes great, so it is both delicious and healthy. What more could you ask for? It can be served hot or cold.

     5. Morocho

Morocho is a thick, sweet drink made with morocho corn, milk, cinnamon, sugar, raisins, cloves, vanilla, orange and lemon zest.The consistency is similar to a pudding or milkshake. At first glance, this drink almost looks like the well known arroz con leche or rice pudding dessert, and the process for preparing it is quite similar.

     6. Colada de Avena (strained oatmeal)

Colada de Avena is strained oatmeal, made with oats, water, panela, vanilla extract, cinnamon, allspice, cloves, naranjilla pulp, pineapple rind, and lemon. It is served warm and typically coupled with soda or salt crackers, but it can be served cold, too. Colada is typically served with breakfast, lunch or as an after school drink. It’s said that this beverage has health benefits, and is even recognized as an excellent nutritious meal.

Ecuadorian drinks are delicious and exoctic. There are many more delicious local  beverages than the ones listed here. The recipes for Ecuadorian beverages can be easily found online. However, the ingredients are not always easy to find outside of Latin America.

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