7 Facts About Quito’s International Airport


When flying to Ecuador, there are two options, you can either fly into Guayaquil or Quito.
Opened in February 2013, Mariscal Sucre International Airport, located in Quito, has one of the longest airport runways in Latin America. Keep reading to learn more about why tourists typically prefer Quito International Airport.

           1. This airport was made to replace the one located in the middle of the city.

The old Quito international airport had a cramped runway surrounded by the city that made landings challenging for pilots and nerve-wracking for both passengers and residents living in the surrounding neighborhoods, that’s why it was in  the World’s Most Dangerous Airports lists.

           2. The first greenfield airport

Mariscal Sucre International Airport was the first greenfield (meaning new and built on undeveloped land) airport built in the Caribbean, Central or South America in the past decade.

           3. It has the longest airport runways

The runway measures 13,421ft compared to the 10,236ft runway of the older airport. Quito’s current airport sits in a valley and has one of the longest airport runways in Latin America.

           4. It has many amenities

In addition to modern airport amenities such as complimentary Wi-Fi, charging stations, a VIP lounge and a playground for children, Quito’s current international airport also has a mall with restaurants, banks, a 24-hour pharmacy/grocery and shops selling from clothes and chocolate to art and handicrafts.

           5. It’s  safe

The current airport is much bigger and safer due to the elevation of the new airport is at 7,800ft compared to the 9,200ft of the old airport, making it a safe destination for planes.  Also, is was opened in a new spot about 11 miles east of the city.

          6. It have been a positive effects on Ecuador travel

Due to more direct routes being added, more and more tourists are choosing to visit Ecuador. In 2015, the airport served 5.5 million passengers, moved 180,000 tons of cargo and hosted an average of 167 flights a day. Learn more about tourist attractions in Ecuador here.

It has also been an economic engine for the city and the country. We have grown over 10% annually in international passengers and 25% in international exports of Ecuadorian goods, in particular Ecuadorian roses.

        7. The old Quito Airport is still being used

The old terminal buildings are being used for office space, government offices, and is home of a tourism company and a shuttle bus company that offers service to and from the new airport.

The open space at the airport has been turned into a much-used, in-city playground called Bicentennial Park, hosting bicycle riding and racing on the runway, as well as sports and music events in the fields.

How to get to the airport?

You can take the public buses from the Rio Coca station in Northern Quito or one of the transit buses that will leave from the old airport connecting it to the new one.

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