All About The Ecuadorian Culture

Woman dancing and wearing the traditional folk costume from Ecuador, South America
Woman dancing and wearing the traditional folk costume from Ecuador, South America

Ecuador is a country with a great variety of landscapes and cultures, but what mainly defines this beautiful land are its people and authentic culture. Whether it is our customs or the type of food we eat, it is our culture that makes us one of a kind. Keep on reading to learn more about some of our country’s unusual traditions.

Rice for lunch

The most important meal in Ecuador is lunch, which usually includes ingredients such as fish, plantains, potato beef, pork and chicken. Even so,  the ingredient that can’t be missed in a good lunch is rice. Actually, in restaurants, at noon, customers will even ask “What’s the rice served with today?”. Some of the day-to-day Ecuadorian dishes are: rice with chicken or rice with stew and fried meat. Of course, rice has great benefits for your health. Now you know, when visiting  Ecuador be prepared to eat delicious rice with different accompaniments and in different preparations.


The wonderful geography of Ecuador, in addition to having a dry season and a wet season, always maintain a warm climate. Although in Quito, capital of the country, you can experience the four seasons in the same day, it is not common to see snow, since it is only possible to observe it in specific points of Ecuador. So, for many Ecuadorians, seeing snow on volcanoes or in small mountain villages is as exciting as going to another country.

Soccer Lovers

In Ecuador, as in many countries of Latin America, soccer is the predominant sport. In fact, it is common to see toddlers go to the field and play soccer. Other sports such as tennis, athletics, basketball and ecuavóley, a national variation of volleyball are also practiced, however, soccer is still the nation’s favorite.

Instant coffee

A steaming cup of coffee in the morning is perfect to wake up and activate our metabolism. In Ecuador, it is very common to drink coffee at all hours of the day. But instead of using a coffee machine, or buying one on the way to work, Ecuadorians prefer to take a few tablespoons of instant coffee, add them to a cup of hot water or milk. Coffee is often accompanied with slices of bread or biscuits.

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