Art-Lovers’ Guide To The Best Theaters and Concert Halls in Quito

teatro sucre

Due to their vast size and outstanding acoustics, theaters and concert halls are where the art-lovers and music enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite masterpieces. If you are visiting Quito and you want to explore the artistic side of the city, we’ve come up with a list with the city’s best theatres and concert halls.

Teatro Sucre

The most iconic theater in Quito, Teatro Sucre, was opened in 1886. This is one of the oldest opera houses in South America. Its world class performances are as worthy as its facade. Its neo classical design by Francisco Schmidt was the first one in the city recalling the great European opera houses. It’s one of the best representative of this architectural style in town. It has also hosted important events including the international jazz and classical musical festivals. This is also home to the National Symphonic Orchestra, one of the many prides of Ecuador.

Teatro Bolívar

Bolivar theatre was established on April 15, 1933 with a capacity of 2400 spectators. Since then, Teatro Bolívar has hosted several notable events. This is  the city’s most opulent movie palace and premier performance venue. The building was designed with a lavish style by the famous American theater architects Hoffman and Henon. After a fire severely damaged the theater, it was reopened in August 1999. Today, it features new facilities, such as, a bar and nightclub space and a stylish coffee shop.

Teatro Capitol

Teatro Capitol was built between 1908 to 1910 by the Italian Giacomo Radiconccini. This theatre has a beautiful facade with a triple-arched entrance with columns, and an columned upper loggia facing the street. It often hosts Ecuadorian pop bands and variety performances that are changing the scene of the neighborhood.

Casa de la Danza

The Casa de la Danza (Dance House) is the center of creativity and inspiration in Quito. It’s a non-profit foundation, for the development of art and culture through social programs. The beautiful old building host every march the International Festival of Women in Dance.

Teatro Variedades

Located in the city’s downtown, Variedades Theatre is one of the first theaters established in Quito. It was built at the early last century, in 1913, and opened specifically on Easter Sunday, Resurrection Day, 1914. It hosts smaller, intimate events, especially dance, choir music and pop bands. It’s facade is very eye-catching, with a charming blue colour and distinctive scallop design over its doorway.


These theaters and concert halls show some of the loveliest architecture in the city. Start planning your trip to enjoy Quito’s culture and beauty! Start by making a reservation in the city’s best Hotel. Anahi Boutique Hotel offers comfortable accommodation in luxury facilities, useful amenities and unmatched service.

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