Best Places to Drink in Quito


Some people love to drink a delicious hot coffee in the morning. Others love to go to nightclubs with their friends to celebrate with a cocktail. There are also people who prefer to go to a quiet place, like Anahi Boutique Hotel’s Cava Bar in Quito to enjoy great wine. However, there are things we all have in common. For example, who does not like to have a good time somewhere with relaxing views or admiring the art while listening to good music? This city has the unique ability to satisfy each person’s taste. Keep reading to find out the top five places to drink when visiting Quito.

Ikala Restaurant

Here at Ikala Restaurant, we offer you a menu of delicious dishes and a long list of beverages, such as: wines, cold drinks, natural juices, beer, soft drinks, coffee, hot chocolate, and cocktails. Along with exceptional service, you will enjoy a fusion of traditional and modern atmospheres. You can even organize small corporate events. In Ikala Restaurant, we seek to make you comfortable. Join us!

Café Mosaico

At Café Mosaico you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city and see the sky tinged with red and purple at sunset. Just before the streetlights come on and the mountains turn black, you can sip a cup of coffee while listening to live music from the 40’s to the 90’s (Classic Rock, American Standards, Country, Blues and other genres).

Café Arte Guápulo

This bar has a terrace where you can see the valley of Cumbayá. You can spot the snowy cap of Cayambe volcano while enjoying a boiled wine or a Canelazo (hot alcoholic beverage with sugar and cinnamon water). Enjoy the company of friends and listen to great music. You can have a different types of coffee while you watch the sunset. At Café Arte Guápulo, you can leave your art to put on the walls, where it will join dozens of other paintings decorating the site. If you like art and coffee, this is the place you can go to enjoy them both.

Bandido Brewing

Bandido Brewing, built in the 1850s, is an old church located in the historic center of Quito. There, you can enjoy an oasis of really good US style craft beer, handcrafted handmade pizza and delicious sandwiches. The great atmosphere begins with the slogan of the creators: “Drink locally, have a bite of the Americas”.

Octava de Corpus

It is an old traditional house converted into a restaurant. The owner (and host) is an avid wine collector who can recommend one of more than 300 vintages and offers a variety of dishes. There are wines from countries such as Argentina, Peru, United States, Spain, Ecuador and many others. There are different antiquities such as doll houses, ceramic, paintings and other vintage things.

These unique places have colorful decorations, beautiful views and a huge variety of drinks, such as: cocktails, wines, coffee, chocolate, and much more. Our wonderful city has a lot to offer. You’ll have a great experience during your trip to Quito. You’re invited to join us and taste our delicious dishes while drinking some of the most exquisite, savory beverages at Ikala Restaurant or our Cava Bar at Anahi Boutique Hotel in Quito. For information on beverage to try when visiting Quito, click here.


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