Best Time to Visit Ecuador


Ecuador is known as a versatile country because it has volcanoes, beautiful beaches, jungles, and a great variety of animal species. Ecuador also has a versatile climate that varies according to the altitude and conditions of the region you are visiting. Weather can be warm and sunny or cool and rainy depending on when you visit your desired destination. Here is a summary of the best time to visit each region in Ecuador:

Ecuador’s Capital City: Quito

Because of its elevation and proximity to the equator, Quito has a fairly constant and cool climate.On average, the warmest month is January, April is the wettest and July is the driest.

Winter is from June to September, with chilly but dry weather. Summer, on the other hand, coincides with the rainy season so you may experience some occasional rain. If you want to visit the Andes Mountains, we recommend visiting during the dry season, meaning winter. Nevertheless, Quito is great all year round and there is so much to do that you can adapt your activities to the current weather. If you’re visiting Quito soon, check out the best hotel in Quito, Anahi Boutique Hotel for comfortable accommodations and unmatched service.

The Coast

Five distinct provinces make up Ecuador’s coastal region: Esmeraldas, Manabí, Guayas, Santa Elena and El Oro. The coastal region is typically warm and humid, with temperatures averaging 25 degrees C to 31 degrees C. If you want to to bask in the sun, the dry season is generally not a good idea, because the sky can have a gloomy overcast on most days. The best time to enjoy the warmer weather and take out your sunglasses is from January to April.

The famous Archipelago: Galapagos Islands

The climate does not vary too much throughout the year on the Galapagos Islands. The warm season is from December to May when there is a  mixture of  rain, warm weather, calm seas, and sun. The cool season is from June to November when the weather is dry and usually cloudy. If you’re looking for a particular species or activity, there are specific periods of the year when you should visit. You are sure to have a great experience no matter when you visit the Galapagos Islands. Click here to learn more about Galapagos Islands hotels and tours.

Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest

In the Amazon, it rains all year-round. In fact, the constantly misty weather is part of the authentic Amazon experience. December to March is the rainy season, when the rainfall is about 60-180 inches. August through early December is the fluctuation season, meaning that it can rain one minute and be sunny the next. Downpours and cool rainstorms can appear unexpectedly anytime of the year. Like any other typical tropical rainforest, it is hot and humid all the year.

Generally speaking the peak season for travel in Ecuador is from June to August and September to  December, so if you want to avoid higher prices and crowds, you should travel from January to May.

The versatility of Ecuador is one of its best characteristics. Since the weather varies depending on the region, there are different months that are considered the best for visiting each region in order to have the most enjoyable vacation possible. As the Ecuadorian expression says: the four seasons can be experienced in a day, and the most reliable aspect of Ecuador’s weather is its unpredictability. We hope this list helps you plan your vacation in Ecuador accordingly.

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