View of the Las Penas neighborhood on Santa Ana Hill in Guayaquil, Ecuador

Ecuador’s Most Popular Cities

Ecuador is a beautiful land made up of 24 administrative provinces and many world-known cities. The majority of the Ecuadorian population is located in urban cities and towns where there are more employment opportunities for the industries and businesses that operate in these cities. Below we dive into what makes these cities special and why […]


Top 5 Best Restaurants in Quito

Ecuadorian cuisine is one of the best in Latin America. The environment produces the freshest ingredients and  the traditional dishes served are difficult to come by anywhere else in the world. Ecuadorian restaurants have adopted new tendencies and modern cooking techniques and have become open-minded to international influences. So their cuisine is always evolving. Here […]


Top 5 Coolest Neighborhoods in Quito

The beautiful neighborhoods of Quito promote Ecuadorian cultural heritage and are home to multicultural restaurants/bars that represent the evolving national culinary trends. If you’re wondering what the 5 coolest neighborhoods of Quito are, here you go: La Mariscal   is the backpacker’s neighborhood due to the large number of hostels that occupy the space. It has […]