Top 5 Best Restaurants in Quito

Ecuadorian cuisine is one of the best in Latin America. The environment produces the freshest ingredients and  the traditional dishes served are difficult to come by anywhere else in the world. Ecuadorian restaurants have adopted new tendencies and modern cooking techniques and have become open-minded to international influences. So their cuisine is always evolving. Here […]


Top 5 Coolest Neighborhoods in Quito

The beautiful neighborhoods of Quito promote Ecuadorian cultural heritage and are home to multicultural restaurants/bars that represent the evolving national culinary trends. If you’re wondering what the 5 coolest neighborhoods of Quito are, here you go: La Mariscal   is the backpacker’s neighborhood due to the large number of hostels that occupy the space. It has […]


Best Places to Drink in Quito

Some people love to drink a delicious hot coffee in the morning. Others love to go to nightclubs with their friends to celebrate with a cocktail. There are also people who prefer to go to a quiet place, like Anahi Boutique Hotel’s Cava Bar in Quito to enjoy great wine. However, there are things we […]


Myths about Ecuador that You Should Stop Believing

Every year, Ecuador welcomes tourists from all over the world. Some travel for business purposes, others for pleasure. Ecuador’s versatility creates opportunities for all types of travelers. However some people are hesitant to visit. Why? Keep reading to find out the truth behind three common myths about Ecuador. Quito, The Capital City is Dangerous There […]