Ecuadorian Fruits You Have To Try On Your Visit To Quito

Soursop or Prickly Custard Apple on tree

Due to its year-round tropical climate, Ecuador has many delicious exotic fruits. During your visit to this versatile country you can’t miss out on trying them and learning about their benefits. Curious about which ones you should try? Read on to find out.


Naranjilla means “little orange,” in Ecuador. This citrus-like fruit grows on a small shrub or tree and has an unusual green color inside. Its juice is consumed constantly in ecuador because of its unique, exotic flavor. Nevertheless, the fruit itself is really fragile, so it has relatively low export levels. That’s why if you’d like to try it , you have to come to Ecuador!

Yellow Pitahaya

 The exotic Pitahaya belongs to the dragon-fruit family but has one major difference, the outside is yellow instead of pink.This is one of the sweetest fruits found in Ecuador and it is often used for fresh, uncooked preparations. It flesh, for example, can be added to smoothies, cocktails,sorbets and popsicles or even fruit salads and desserts.

 Many experts refers to Yellow Pitahaya as a new “super food” because of  its numerous health benefits. It can help facilitate digestion and decrease cholesterol and some research has indicated that it helps prevent certain type of  cancers and diabetes.

 Tomate de Árbol

More commonly known as tamarillo, this fruit is a tree specie that produces the common garden tomatoes. They are circular in shape and yellow, red or orange in color. They are  extremely tart and generally consumed as a drink after being mixed with sugar and water.

The tree tomato is native to the Andes Mountains. The small fragrant flowers appear in clusters near the tips of the branches, and may be white, pink or light blue. Tamarillo is full of vitamins A, C, and E. It also has a good source of vitamin B, which helps to increase weight loss, is good for the skin, and keeps your heart healthy.


Known in English as soursop, this melon-size fruit has a white pulp and black seeds. It is commonly used to make ice cream. Its soft pulp and fiber are also used for drinks, desserts, smoothies and sweets, as well as a lot of traditional medical treatments in many countries. The flavor of the fruit is a perfect and delicious combination of strawberry and pineapple, which make it very popular in all parts of the world. Its impressive health benefits  include its ability to kill parasites, reduce inflammation, improve respiratory conditions, strengthen the immune system and relieve pain.

These exotic fruits are mouth-watering and only in Quito will you be able to try them on our traditional dishes and desserts. Start planning your trip to Quito by making Anahi Boutique Hotel your host. We offer unmatched service, comfortable accommodation and amazing amenities. Click here to reserve your room today!

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