Ecuadorian Hot Chocolate

Un jarro de metal  con chocolate caliente y una bara de canela, alado unos triángulos de queso fresco y una galletas
Un jarro de metal con chocolate caliente y una bara de canela, alado unos triángulos de queso fresco y una galletas

Cocoa, water or milk, fire and a mixer are the basic elements to make one of the most desired drinks: Hot chocolate. We all love chocolate, no matter if it is a bar, a drink or a delicious dessert, its unique taste and aroma can make our day a little sweeter and happier. Chocolate has been a tradition with unknown beginnings in Ecuador. Today, it has gone so far that even cheese is added to it. Do you want to know more about this famous Ecuadorian drink? Keep reading to find out more.

Cheese Chocolate

Mozzarella cheese is known to be a fundamental element for pizzas, but does it match hot chocolate? Well, it seems it does. Cheese Chocolate is popular in Ecuador and other South American countries. It’s usually served in the morning, but it’s not the typical American version of hot chocolate made from a package. 

Nevertheless, Ecuadorians decided to give it a special twist. They add pieces of cheese, preferably mozzarella, and double cream.The most traditional way to drink it is to let the cheese settle at the bottom of the mug to deliver a punch of salty sweetness with each sip, leaving a cheesy, melted surprise at the bottom to eat up with a spoon once you’re finished. The perfect complement!

Chocolate History

The oldest use of the chocolate dates back 5,300 years near the Amazon region of Ecuador, where vestiges of a bottle were found of  a drink made from cocoa and food waste. Since then, the drink has received numerous influences until what we know today. One of them is the milk, because in the past it was drunk only with water. Some preparations are made with the Mexican recipe of mixing it with corn flour, or the Spanish tradition, with wheat flour that adds thickness.

In Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas there’s a production known as “Chocolate de las siete harinas” (Chocolate of the Seven Flours).  This one consists of grinding together corn flour, beans, peas, wheat, lentils and cocoa, as a breakfast drink to support the body during long hours of work under the heat and humidity of the tropical forest.

Chocolate have been used not just as a candy, or sweet drink, but as a food. And this is where it comes the idea of adding leaf cheese for its freshness and ease of melting into the hot beverage. So, the cheese delivers a salty contrast along with the sweetness. “Chocolate con queso” is typically eaten with various types of bread. In Ecuador, it is served with “bolas verdes con queso” (a kind of cheese ball made with unripe plantain). 

Where to Find it?

This drink, born in Ecuador, is served throughout the country, in cafes, restaurants and even on the streets. It is widely consumed Quito to warm up during cold nights. Learn more about Ecuadorian dishes here. If you’d like to taste authentic Ecuadorian food, you have to come and visit our beautiful country! Let Anahi Boutique Hotel host you and enjoy our excellent service and stunning suites. Book a room here.

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