Myths about Ecuador that You Should Stop Believing

Small village of Mindo in Ecuador, South America

Every year, Ecuador welcomes tourists from all over the world. Some travel for business purposes, others for pleasure. Ecuador’s versatility creates opportunities for all types of travelers. However some people are hesitant to visit. Why? Keep reading to find out the truth behind three common myths about Ecuador.

The Capital City is Dangerous

There are many opinions about Quito’s security. Some of the negative ones have been stopping travelers from visiting Ecuador’s capital. Quito, like any other big city, has its flaws and does not guarantee absolute security. You should approach Quito the same way you would New York City or Los Angeles. The following tips apply when visiting a big city:

  1. Don’t walk alone at night, try to be in a group.
  2. Make sure whatever taxi you take is licensed and uses the meter. In Quito, Taxis are required by law to use the meter during the day. At night you’ll need to negotiate prices. When in doubt, ask the staff forof nearby restaurants or hotels to call you a taxi and help negotiate a convenient price.
  3. Be discrete but alert. Keep your eyes open and avoid unwanted attention.

Most people visit Quito without an incident. The city has a lot to offer, including tours, museums’ visits, cultural and outdoor activities that make it a one-of-a-kind destination. Learn more about some of the activities in Quito here.  Start planning your trip to Quito by booking a suite at Anahi Boutique Hotel where it is secure, equipped with useful amenities, amazing service and comfortable suites. Our staff will gladly help you get around Quito. Book a suite here.

The Galapagos are the Only Place Worth Visiting

Although the Galapagos is an awesome destination, it is definitely not the only place that’s worth a visit in Ecuador. The amazon stretches into part of mainland Ecuador and provides plenty of nature, animal gazing, and outdoor activities as well. You can visit the Andes mountains and hike one of the many volcanic peaks. Ecuador is rich in architecture and history, just visit one of the many museums available or enjoy some time at a plaza. Last but not least, Ecuadorians are extremely friendly and very welcoming; they are always willing to help out tourists.

It’s Not For Adventurers

Baños, a town located a few hours from Quito, is the self-proclaimed adventure capital of Ecuador. Activities such as canyoning, white-water rafting, paragliding, mountain biking, bridge swings, hot springs and waterfall tours are available in Baños. The Ecuadorian coast also suits those with an adventurous spirit that like to surf. The rain forest is of course an adventurous place as well, that will surely get you closer to nature. Whether it be hiking tall volcanoes, kayaking, or mountain biking, Ecuador is sure to please adventure seekers.

Now that we’ve busted some popular myths about Ecuador, would you like to explore the reality of this beautiful country? Plan your trip now and we hope you have an amazing experience in Ecuador!

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