Parks To Visit With Children During Your Trip To Quito

View of La Mariscal neighborhood of Quito, Ecuador
View of La Mariscal neighborhood of Quito, Ecuador

Looking for a fun activity for you and your family? A great way to relax and learn about the Ecuadorian culture is to visit one of the parks of our city. It’s also a wonderful way to help the kids unwind after a long day of touring Quito. Below we list some of our favorite parks for you and your family to check out.


El Ejido Park


This vast, tree-filled park has a large area of playground equipment, and it’s a great place to relax while your children run around.This beautiful park also has a comfy cafe with a nice view and a art gallery as well. If you have children ages 5-10, this is your go-to park. The playground area is designed to be perfectly safe for kids in this age range. You can also make this a weekend destination, as many artisans and crafts vendors turn the park’s sidewalks into a handicrafts market over the weekend.


La Carolina Park


La Carolina Park is located in the center of Quito. It has a lot of green open space, which on weekends gets filled with families and kids. There are also a lot of activities that both children and adults enjoy, including paddleboats, soccer, volleyball games, and bike paths.There are also small restaurants and snack carts throughout the park. However, the most popular attraction is the botanical garden where you’ll be able to see the orchid greenhouse and ethnobotanical garden.

Vulqano Park

Vulqano is a fun park located at the foot of “El Teleférico” in Quito. The view is breathtaking because of its location. Kids can visit the park after taking a trip up in the cable car. The park features several rides and carnival style games of chance. All the rides and games work on a swipe-card system, which can be recharged. You might have to pay a small entrance and ride fee, but we promise your kids will be begging you to come back.

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