Quito and its Music

La Ronda picturesque curve street in colonial Quito Ecuador South America
La Ronda picturesque curve street in colonial Quito Ecuador South America

Not only does Quito have stunning architecture and jaw-dropping views, but it is also the capital of diverse music and evolving genres. You’ll be surprised at the variety of music we have to offer. From Ecuadorian folk to Metal, Rock and Salsa,  you can find almost any kind of music genre. The night clubs give the opportunity to local interpreters to show their music, also include the classics, and popular songs, so you’ll be able to listening to different types of music.

Rising National Talent 

You can see the abundant talent in almost every corner of Quito. Ecuador is home to chill, ambient music inspired by the rolling green hills of the Andes. With a recent popularity of event production companies and  clubs with high-tech sound systems, there’s too many new  producers that showcase the national talent. Ecuador’s artists are slowly but surely making themselves heard in other countries.

A great example of the diversity of the city’s music scene is El Verano de las Artes ( Summer of Arts) that took place on August. The events include: the Festival of Lights; and the showcasing of other arts, culture, theatre and dance segments. Last year four Ecuadorian artists joined the festivities along with artists from different countries. There is entertainment for people of all tastes and ages every year, surrounded of  views from the city.


La Ronda and its live music

La Ronda is a  street that was renamed Calle Juan de Dios Morales, but it’s still most commonly called La Ronda. It is located at the heart of Quito’s old town.  It is said to be one of the oldest streets in Quito and it has been nicely restored. This narrow and pretty street is known for its live music. It is common to see a band playing the Ecuadorian folk. Also, there are record stores were you can find musical diversity and a bunch of nightclubs and bars playing latin music including salsa and “Merengue.” Here you can listen to a mix of music genres, from salsa  to electro-pop.


Quito’s trendy  area for entertainment: La Mariscal

Quito’s nightlife takes place mainly in the Mariscal area; “La Mariscal” there you can find bars, discos, coffee shops, café nets, restaurants, cultural centers, live music shows and more. The Presidents Plaza and Plaza Foch are two squares were music shows are organized continuously. Salsa, techno, reggaeton, ska, electronic music and pop music are heard in every bar, were Quito’s top DJs spin these and their own music.


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