Quito’s Most Beautiful Flowers

Roses Harvest, plantation in Tumbaco, Cayambe, Ecuador, South America
Roses Harvest, plantation in Tumbaco, Cayambe, Ecuador, South America

Quito is a city known for its attractive landscapes, culture and people. Among the landscapes, we find stunning volcanoes, beautiful sunsets, and meadows full of flowers. One of the most beautiful things in life is seeing and smelling those mesmerizing flowers  that fill the environment with a sweet and pleasant aroma. Read on to learn more about Quito’s most beautiful flowers.

Vampire Dracula

This is a small orchid, which grows on the surface of a plant and gets its nutrients from the air, rain or from debris accumulating around it. It also has white petals in the middle, surrounded by 3 larger ones of green color overshadowed by small blackish lines.

This flower is a large epiphyte, which means that it doesn’t grow on the ground and has many stems.  The leaves of this plant can reach up to 28 cm long. Its name means little dragon, due to the exotic flower shape. Dracula vampira is endemic to Ecuador and is specifically found on the slopes of Mount Pichincha, one of the mountains that surround Quito.

Gentianella Jamesonii

These attractive pink flared flowers are located on the slopes of the Atacazo and Pichincha volcanoes in the north of Ecuador. This beautiful species are unfortunately endangered mainly to grazing, fires and urban sprawl of the city. However, it is  possible to see it in some areas of the Ecuadorian highlands.

Salvia Quitensis

On the slopes of the Pichincha and around Quito, Salvia Quintensis was first collected by the English colonel Francis Hall and the Scottish doctor and botanist William Jameson around 1830. Because it was found in the surroundings of Quito, the English botanist George Bentham named it Salvia Quitensis, but it is commonly known as Salvia of Quito.

These striking magenta flowers attract several species of hummingbirds and because of their beauty can be used as ornaments in hedges or live fences. In addition, this species contains small amounts of essential oil that is used to treat coughs.

If you’re curious to see our city’s amazing flowers, come visit us! Quito is a place that never ceases to impress as it holds magnificent streets, delicious food, and of course enjoy the spectacular scenery that surrounds it.  Stay comfortably at Anahí Boutique Hotel to experience the perfect balance between comfort and luxury. Plan your trip and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of Quito.

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