Quito’s Most Popular Streets

Calle La Ronda, typical colonial street in historic district, Quito, Ecuador

Charming and colonial  architecture, colorful markets, vintage streets and friendly faces are  just a few characteristics of the beautiful Quito. Because walking is a very common form of transportation, there are several streets popular for their sights and attractions. So, prepare your camera and wear comfortable shoes to walk around Ecuador’s capital city. Below we list the most popular streets in Quito.

Mariscal Foch

This street is located in the center of the city, or what is known as the most modern tourist area. It has several restaurants, bars, nightclubs and is one of the main night entertainment centers of the city. In the afternoons the fun begins, so you can enjoy good food and drinks or go visit the city’s most popular night clubs.

In its origin, it was a residential area for high class citizens. The wealthiest families migrated from the historic center to this zone at the beginning of the 20th century. With the pass of the years it has become a commercial area. Today, different locals began to flourish and had been spreading through this street. It has laundry services, discos, karaokes, restaurants, bars and pubs of all kinds. That’s why La Mariscal is a striking place where many tourists stay.

La 24 de Mayo

24 de Mayo (May 24th) is one of the most picturesque streets in the city with access to the main museum and a walkable Quito’s downtown area. There are more than 40 old houses with wooden balconies and beautiful pastel colors that adorn the street with a  vintage touch. These buildings keep stories and anecdotes of the great change, history and culture of Ecuador. This is the place where the Puerta del Sol Theater stands, with a skating rink included, La Victoria Brewery, a pioneer in the city, and much more .

Little by little this street became an avenue with popular markets for furniture, clothing, and used items. There, the blind musicians, accordionists and guitarists of the Plaza de Santo Domingo, interpret their music joining painters, poets and more bohemians from colonial Quito, who share their art with travelers.

La Ronda

La Ronda is a beautiful street in the Historic Center of the city. It is one of the oldest in Quito and it has been restored, recently. It is located near the “muffin” hill, which has a beautiful view of the whole city.

When walking through the Ronda, you will see the old town of Quito, which embodies the history and culture of Quito. The street is narrow and very beautiful, full of tourists taking pictures, stores selling typical Ecuadorian dishes and a great variety of handicrafts. The houses are built side by side and many have a small patio with a garden.

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