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Our Rooms

Lavish, themed suites with modern amenities
Inca Suite

This suite replicates the great Inca Empire with stone walls and niches that shelter original pre-Columbian artwork.

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Ceramic Suite

Decorated with unique ceramic details from Cuenca, this cozy suite is a mosaic of Ecuadorian artwork and elements in wood.

Ethnos Suite

Decorated with details in Chonta and Olive wood, this Suite is inspired by the Ecuadorian ethnicities and designed by the artist Simon Ordoñez.

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Wicker Suite

With a modern and cozy style, this suite uses details in Wicker, a hard fiber extracted from reed.

Totora Suite

This room uses Totora, a plant from the Andean region of Ecuador, in many delicate details to create a cozy ambience.

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Hacienda Suite

The Hacienda Suite represents the arrival of the Spanish in the XVI century and displays original artifacts of the conquest as well as pieces of Quito’s former art schools.

Andes Suite

The Andes Suite takes you to the Ecuadorian mountain range with its decorations in vibrant red and cozy colors.

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Amazonas Suite

Inspired by the Ecuadorian jungle, the Amazonas Suite transports us to the middle of the Amazon basin with lianas, giant trees, and butterflies.

Bamboo Suite

This Suite transports you to the sunny region of the Ecuadorian coastline with its bamboo details in every corner.

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Coco Suite

This Suite with its details in coconut takes you directly to the coastal region of Ecuador where you will find plenty of white-sand beaches, palm trees and radiant sun.

Colonial Suite

Representing the culture and heritage of Quito, the Colonial Suite has an antique and religious decoration characteristic of the XVI century bourgeoisie.

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Leather Suite

Decorated with delicate elements in leather this Suite highlights the work of Ecuadorian craftsmen from the cities of Cuenca, Ambato and Cotacachi.

Metal Suite

This suite combines the esthetics of modern decoration with elements in metal, wood, and artwork from the Ecuadorian artists Edgar Carrasco.

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Pop Suite

The Pop Suite is inspired by the contemporary Quito using vibrant colors with unusual shapes and decorated with artwork from artist Mónica Terán.

Glass Suite

Inspired by the Ecuadorian jungle, the Glass Suite is delicately decorated with tropical designs in glass created by the artist Alexandra Moshenek.

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Vega Suite

Inspired by the enchanting Galapagos Islands, the Vega Suite is decorated with beautiful details in ceramic created by the Ecuadorian artist Eduardo Vega.