The Best Way to See Quito’s Sights

View of a gondola named the TeleferiQo climbing the Andes mountains outside of Quito, Ecuador
View of a gondola named the TeleferiQo climbing the Andes mountains outside of Quito, Ecuador

Quito is known for its unique location, cupped between towering Andean peaks. Not only does it get the most breathtaking night views and in a clear day you can get the most spectacular views. Keep reading to find out the best way to see Quito.

The best option to observe the entire city and the Andes mountain chain such as Cayambe, Antisana, Cotopaxi, Pasochoa, Rumiñahui is the TeleferiQo. This is a cable car, very similar to a ski lift, with windows all around and benches to sit on, that takes you up the Pichincha volcano gliding smoothly to the top. This way of transportation affords amazing views over the city. While getting up the mountain you’ll be able to enjoy ever expanding views of the city, and the surrounding countryside. The ride take about 10 minutes.

Perfect for the whole family

Children likes the sensation of ascending to the top of the mountain. This will be a big adventure for them because for the first time, they will feel like they’re on top of the world. city. Once you get out of the cable car there are some activities to do including  teleferiqo-biking, which consists of bring a mountain bike up on the teleferiqo and enjoy a ride back down the bike trail to the bottom, a perfect activity for teenagers.

At the bottom there is a small amusement park called Vulqano Park. Its entrance is free and the games are paid by rechargeable card. There are several games for children and adults, including a roller coaster. Also, there are some places to get snacks and gifts, which the little ones will enjoy a lot.

Weather and altitude

The height at the top is about 4100 meters, because of that it is cold and dizzying. There are small gift shops and cafes pumped up with extra oxygen to counteract the lack of it due to the altitude.


The ride costs $8.50 for adults and teenagers, and $6.50 for children if you’re foreign. For locals $4.90 adults, $3.60 teenagers and $2.50 children. The teleferiqo-biking prices vary depending on the day and hours you’d like to spend biking.

A memorable experience

This is an adventure you’ll never forget thanks to the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, the cold weather, and the great activities it offers.

The Quito’s Teleferico is the perfect place for walking or visiting one of the main peaks of the Pichincha volcano, Rucu Pichincha. Besides it offers one of the majors views of the city of Quito. Live this experience! Stay at Anahi Hotel, the best Quito’s hotel, that’s equipped with useful amenities, luxurious themed suites and unmatched service.

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