Top 3 Oldest Cities In South America

The Quilotoa volcanic lake, clear blue water. Ecuador
The Quilotoa volcanic lake, clear blue water. Ecuador

Even though South America isn’t the oldest continent, it certainly has cities who’s ancient culture is a big part of our world today. From historic streets to outstanding monuments, we’ve piled down the the top three oldest cities of South America below.


One of the oldest cities in South America is Quito. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1978 for its great cultural wealth. San Francisco de Quito has about 130 monumental buildings with great diversity of religious art nature as well as great architectural gems and countless museums.

Located in a long and narrow Andean valley, surrounded by the Pichincha volcano, the city is privileged for its spectacular natural environment. The capital city, Quito, has a mixture of colonial and modern architecture, offering a fascinating atmosphere to those who visit it. Learn more about Quito’s architectural beauties here.


Surrounded by green and impotent valleys with great tourist attractions, culture and tradition, the city of Cuzco, located in the Andes mountain range, was declared as the Historical Capital of Peru, for being an impressive example of Inca engineering by its unique modifications. Due to the impressive beauty of its monuments, cusco has been declared as the “Archaeological Capital of South America”.

The climate is very pleasant with sunny and windy days and cold nights. Cuzco was formerly the capital of the Inca Empire and today is one of the most important cities of Peru. With impressive palaces and Neo-classical and Baroque squares, this city is the main tourist place in the country. Also, it was declared a World Heritage Site in 1983 by UNESCO and it is usually known as the “Rome of America” due to the large number of monuments that it has.


Cumana is a beautiful Venezuelan city that has a radiant sun during the day and is surrounded by museums, emblematic castles, spectacular beaches with turquoise waters and is crossed by the Manzanares River.

Cumana’s city has been known for being “The World Capital of Culture” and “The Venezuelan Athens”. Cumaná, the historic capital of Sucre State, is located in the north-eastern region of Venezuela, and is recognized as the first population established by Europeans on continental America.

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