Top 5 Architectural Beauties in Quito

Quito Square


Quito, Ecuador is listed as an UNESCO World Heritage site, known for its well preserved architecture and rich history. The city offers breathtaking views and fascinating places that are truly worth a visit. Dive in as we talk about Quito’s top architectural beauties.

Castles of Quito

With bright colored towers that seem to be straight out of a fairytale, the castles in this city are definitely an architectural wonder. These castles have several floors, multiple towers, moats and bridges, surrounded by an English-style garden that could easily make them part of Disney World. They were built in the 1930s as houses, and they can be found in Juan León Mera, as well as at the junction of Vicente Ramón Roca, Baquedano and Avenida 6 de Diciembre.


Old Town

As you walk through the streets of Quito’s old town you will appreciate its special architecture and  busy life. At every street you will find different specialties that you should definitely taste, such as Guanabana ice cream, homemade crisps, tasty empanadas, “salchipapas” and much more. But there are also many places to visit including churches, squares, monuments and others, such as the Central Market, El Panecillo, El Téléferico (cable car).


The Central Bank of Quito

Built in 1924, The old building of the Quito’s old central bank now houses the Numismatic City Museum, where you can learn about the history of the Ecuadorian currency since ancient times. This impressive building is part of the heritage assets of the city, and therefore is part of the cultural heritage of humanity. With an impressive architecture, the central bank is located in the historic district. If you are passionate about architecture and would like to learn about our culture, the Quito central bank building should definitely be on your list of places to visit this year.

UNASUR headquarters

Leaving aside the colonial architecture, the new headquarters of UNASUR finished its construction on December 5 th, 2014. The impressive building has advanced technology, huge fountains of water to achieve a space of connection with nature and enormous stained glass windows that allow the entry of natural light. It is also home to the Gabriel García Márquez Library, in honor of the Colombian writer who died in 2014, and much more. This wonderful construction, is for sure a place you should  visit to to experience the modern architecture of our wonderful city.


Pre-Columbian Art Museum (Casa del Alabado)

Opened on April 11th, 2010 this Ecuadorian museum  is located in the historic center of Quito and is dedicated to pre-Colombian art. However, it is not only a archaeological museum, since it privileges the aesthetics of the object rather than the chronological theme of Ecuadorian archaeology. The museum has: 14 permanent exhibition halls, 1 room for temporary exhibitions, 2 rooms for the development of educational activities, a shop, a café and two courtyards. It also has a service and customer service area. This spectacular museum was created for architecture lovers, as well as for those who appreciate art.


So come to Quito and enjoy the experience by observing and learning from the modern and colonial architecture of our beautiful city. Make sure to stay with us here in Anahi Hotel Quito and add these 5 architectural beauties to your list of places to visit on your itinerary. 

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