Top 5 Books That Will Inspire You To Travel To Ecuador

Long exposure, the colonial Quito street at dusk
Long exposure, the colonial Quito street at dusk

Ecuador is a country rich in culture, landscapes and climates. One of the most interesting ways to get to know a country by reading some of  its literature. Famous authors including Herman Melville and Ludwig Bemelmans have written about Ecuador. In their books, they portray Ecuador’s people and  landscapes by region in stories that mix fiction and reality. If you’re planning a trip to Ecuador, we recommend checking out the following reads.

The Donkey Inside by Ludwig Bemelmans  

The original book The Donkey Inside uses Ecuador as its main setting. The author, Ludwig Bemelmans, use visual impressions that will make you feel as if you had been there. Also, he also adds a charming touch of Ecuadorian culture, thanks to his experience on his trips and study of the South American culture. The book takes the reader into the politics in the country surrounding World War II, and to the typical small villages where colorful tales are told.

Bemelmans, also describes the politics, parties, and circumstances that have impacted Ecuador. The book is a fun read that provides context to the the country’s modern culture.

The Queen of Water by Laura Resau and Maria Virgina Farinago

Based on a true story, The queen of the water is about Virginia, an indigenous from an Andean village in Ecuador. Laura Resau, the author, worked in cooperation with Virginia, to tell her hard life. With only seven years old Virginia worked as a servant,  basically as a slave. The book is not only focus in the horrors she lived, but also in her survival. The queen of water will make you reflect on what indigenous have experience.

The Panama Hat Trail: A Journey from South America by: Tom Miller

The most famous South America’s piece of closing is the Panama hat. The author, Tom Mille, tells how the name came along when it originates from Ecuador and its international fame. Throughout the reading you’ll learn about the fascinating culture and people of Ecuador, including how a typical dish:  Guinea Pig really tastes like.

Love in a Warm Climate by Kelley Aitken.

The  series of short stories show the vibrant culture and characters of Ecuador into intriguing, thought-provoking tales about loss, mourning, love, adventure, and redemption. Nominated for the Commonwealth Prize, as Best First Book, show the intelligent writer behind this masterpiece.

These books, aside from being entertaining, give the reader a historical and present day perspective of Ecuador’s culture and curious cast of characters that come off the page when exploring the country. When you finish reading these books you’ll want to visit Ecuador.

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