Top 5 Coolest Neighborhoods in Quito


The beautiful neighborhoods of Quito promote Ecuadorian cultural heritage and are home to multicultural restaurants/bars that represent the evolving national culinary trends. If you’re wondering what the 5 coolest neighborhoods of Quito are, here you go:

La Mariscal 

 is the backpacker’s neighborhood due to the large number of hostels that occupy the space. It has a very active and vibrant atmosphere, especially on Thursday and Friday nights. This area offers plenty of restaurants, bars, shops, and hotels. The heart of La Mariscal is Plaza Foch, a very cozy and discreet square with excellent manifestations of Quito’s historic architecture. Some interesting places you should visit include: El Ejido Park, the Central Bank Museum, the Artisanal Market, and the Cacao Republic, which claims to have one of the best chocolates in the world.

La Floresta.  

Although this neighborhood is surrounded by one of the busiest parts of Quito, it maintains a family-residential and welcoming atmosphere. La Floresta has become one of the most attractive cultural spaces in the city, surrounded by cinemas, theaters, artist workshops, coffee shops and restaurants where you can enjoy delicious food. You can find food trucks that offer local specialties every night at La Floresta square. It is considered to be one of the most emblematic neighborhoods of Quito, made to satisfy a variety of tastes, making it a great spot to visit. The best of Quito’s hotels are located close by. Anahí Boutique Hotel offers themed suites that give you a taste of Ecuadorian history and culture. The hotel is considered to be one of the best accommodations in Quito due to its unique suites, quality service, and exceptional restaurant: Ikala Restaurant. Make sure you have the best experience possible. book a suite here.

La Ronda

is a small neighborhood hidden in the historic center of Quito. The main street, named Juan de Dios Morales, is full of restaurants and shops that attract tourists. The mornings are quiet here as the nightlife is very active and most stores open and close late. In La Ronda you can explore craft shops that teach you traditional techniques such as: how to make chocolate, how to make wooden chess boards, treasure chests and more. There are two artistic venues that stick out here: la Casa 707 which has hosted numerous artistic presentations and Casa de las Artes of La Ronda, a cultural center that hosts artistic exhibitions and creative spaces for future artists.


On warm and sunny weekend mornings, cafes and restaurants along Carolina Park are full of joggers. Many athletes come to have brunch after exercising at some of the nearby parks. La Carolina has become a benchmark for urban recreation and social interaction where more than 220,000 people visit every month. The neighborhood is full of modern buildings. It offers a wide variety of internationally-fusioned restaurants and attractions such as the skate track, the Quinde lagoon, the Boulevard, Plaza de las Flores, and the playground.


Located on a steep hillside, Guápulo is a small neighborhood that offers an escape from the noisy city. In the mornings you can experience a sunny view of the valley and at nights you can see an almost magical haze coming from the enchanted city. You can enjoy spectacular views as well as handicraft exhibitions. The main attractions in Guapulo are the cafes of Camino de Orellana. These café-bars are perfect for poets, writers, musicians and artists that need inspiration. Most of them are open only at night and have bohemian atmospheres where you can enjoy the mesmerizing view of the valley. Guápulo is also proud of its village parties which are considered a tradition in rural sectors of Ecuador. So if you want to experience something different without going far from Quito, Guápulo is a great option.

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