Top 5 Ecuadorian Cities To Explore


With a versatile geography like Ecuador’s, you can find mountains and jungles to coastline and colonial towns. That’s why it is really difficult to choose one place to visit. However, everyone chooses according their taste. For the ones looking for adventure, Baños is the perfect place. For history or colonial architecture lovers, Quito is a must. Surfers, on the other hand, would choose to go to Montañita. Here we show you the top most beautiful cities you should explore.


Ecuador’s capital city: Quito is one of the most beautiful South American cities. This city features stunning architecture with a perfect balance between modernity and tradition. To complete the breathtaking landscape, the city is a valley surrounded by high Andean peaks, including Cotopaxi and Pichincha, which are active volcanoes. It also has parks where you can enjoy the natural landscapes inside the city and have a fun relaxing day. These parks are very popular among tourist and locals, some of them include: La Carolina, and El Ejido park. If you like coffee, you’ll be happy visiting Quito. Where you’ll find plenty of nice cafes on colonial streets, that allow you to enjoy the view while sipping on a good cup of coffee. However, if you prefer to enjoy the city nightlife, there are many nightclubs, restaurants, and theaters to visit in La Mariscal, the focus of Quito’s nightlife.

The city truly has a lot to offer. For adventurous people, you can explore by hiking a volcano or going mountain biking. For those who love history, the city offers many museums that are worth the visit. 


Located in the south of the country, Cuenca is calm, quiet city unlike the bustling capital city. The rhythm of life in Cuenca is much slower and it is actually known for its friendly people. The picture-perfect colonial buildings, along with ladies wearing traditional dresses, are pretty common in Cuenca. Even though the city is not a week-long holiday destination, it’s definitely worth a visit as a day-trip or overnight stay.


Another destination commonly visited as a day trip is Cotacachi, a 20-minute drive from the popular market town of Otavalo, this city has many famous leather shops. There you can find leather bags, and belts to shoes of great quality at low prices, especially on Sundays–the town’s market day. This quiet shopping town was declared as a “City of Peace” by UNESCO.


Known for its relaxed atmosphere and great surfing, Montañita is an ideal destination for taking a break from the everyday routine. In this seaside town, you can walk around barefoot and unwind. Montanita is slowing becoming a trendy spot, so you’ll see many backpackers enjoying the sunny beaches and surfing.


The paradise for those looking for excitement is Baños. Some of the most common activities in this adventure spot are “The Swing At The End of The World,” white water rafting and mountain biking. Baños is also popular for its stunning location. Surrounded by trickling cascades and luxurious thermal waters, which are also near one of South America’s most active volcanoes. The landscapes are simply breathtaking! 

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