Travel Tips for Visiting Quito


Travelling to a new destination is exciting, but it can also be daunting because of cultural differences, language, and other reasons.There are so many things to do and see in the exciting city of Quito, so how can you plan the perfect trip and squeeze in as many activities as possible depending on your budget? Use the following travel tips when visiting Quito:


The first thing you have to choose carefully are the accommodations. In Quito there are many options, including boutique hotels, hostels, guest houses and more. Your choice will depend on the activities you plan and your budget.

Hostels typically contain private single rooms with a shared bathroom, or a bed, usually a bunk bed, in a mixed or single-sex dormitory with a shared bathroom. There are local guest houses that offer private rooms with private bathrooms, but it can be hard to find one that is both affordable and centrally located. If you’re looking for maximum comfort, we recommend staying in a Quito hotel, where you will have privacy, high quality service, and useful amenities such as free wi-fi, airport transfers, and more. Anahi Boutique Hotel in Quito is a great option if you are looking for a unique, centrally located hotel with amazing services and amenities.


From the airport to your destination there are two options, a taxi or a bus.

Taxi: There is an official taxi desk at the airport. The prices are fixed depending on the distance, so grab one that includes a taxi meter. The taxis can be easily recognized because of their yellow color, their orange license plates, and the ‘transporte seguro’ stickers on display. On the inside, the taxis should have two security cameras and a small red panic button. The Easy Taxi app can be useful in Quito. The app works with GPS to find your location and it displays the name, company and plate of your taxi driver. Remember, like with any other app, you will need to use data on your phone to use the Easy Taxi app, so this is only useful if you plan on having cell phone service in Ecuador.

Bus: This is the cheapest option for travellers. The local green bus will get you to Rio Coca Terminal where buses depart every 15 minutes to either La Mariscal or the Old Town. Public transportation is typically recommended for Spanish speakers, in case any issues arise and there are no English speaking attendants available at the moment to give you directions. No need to be paranoid, but as with any public transportation system around the world, avoid travelling alone late at night and be cautious with your bags.


There are many delicious and low cost meal options throughout Quito. The local food is one of the top reasons tourists love Quito. There are plenty of food stalls lining the streets that offer international dishes along with local food. At local restaurants, you can ask for “Almuerzo” (lunch) which typically includes soup, rice, beans, fried plantains, salad and a choice of fish or meat. You can buy groceries at the local market for low prices. In addition, Artisanal beer is very popular in Quito. Ecuador produces many of its own beer brands which are cheaper than imported beer.


Quito is the highest city in the world, sitting 2,800 meters above sea level, so you may experience colder weather especially at night. Make sure to bring some warm clothes with you. Some people may experience headaches and nausea, which are symptoms of your body adapting to the higher altitude. The symptoms will go away after your body adapts to the altitude.Learn more about the best time to visit Ecuador here.

We are certain you’re eager to immerse yourself in Ecuadorian culture, experience the Quito nightlife, indulge in the delicious local food and explore the city. At Anahi Boutique Hotel we have it all, including Free WiFi, comfortable suites, and delicious meals at Ikala Restaurant with national and international dishes. We are located in the trendy “La Mariscal” district, one of the best starting points for exploring Quito. If you’re looking for the best Quito hotel for your vacation, book a suite at Anahi Boutique Hotel today.

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