Why Ecuador Is Home To The World’s Best Chocolate

Manos de un agricultor lleno de pepas de cacao recien cosechadas
Manos de un agricultor lleno de pepas de cacao recien cosechadas

Ecuador was the world’s largest exporter of cocoa until the beginning of the 20th Century. The smooth, bitter-tasting paste extracted from the cocoa beans is the key ingredient in chocolate, and for many years, Ecuador has been recognized as the largest fine or flavored Cocoa producer in the world. Keep reading to learn more about how Ecuador’s chocolate is considered the best in the world.

Top Quality

The quality of Ecuador’s chocolate is mainly due to its rich lands and locations. The country produces a special kind of cacao, which is known as “Cacao Arriba.” This cocoa flavor has been described as blueberries, citrus fruit, nuts, candy, honey, malt, sugar, almonds, peanuts, jasmine and even violet flowers.

The aroma of Ecuador’s cacao is more complex because its beans vary in taste and size according to the area in which they are grown. Most of this cocoa beans have a floral characteristic flavor, while others have a nutty flavor.

Major Producer

Ecuador has been a major producer of cocoa, in fact, it is recognized as the supplier country for the world’s finest cocoa. It also helps the country’s economy and business. Cocoa contributes more than $700 million to Ecuador’s economy and has provided work and more income for local farmers.

Foreign chocolate-makers came to Ecuador not only to source their beans, but also to produce chocolate products. In fact, many international chocolate companies have established in Ecuador. This make possible for  farmers to get more money if they produce high quality cocoa.

Natural and Cultural Heritage

Ecuador’s cocoa aroma is part of the country’s intangible heritage. Actually, the  procedures associated with it has been put it on practices over the centuries.

Also, a recent archaeological study suggests that Ecuador may have been the original home of the cocoa bean. Unlike other Spanish colonies in South America, where gold and silver were abundant, Ecuador was exploited for its cocoa, so it’s part of our culture.

These are the reasons why Ecuadorian chocolate is the best of the world. To live a complete experience trying our delicious chocolate, you have to come to Quito.  If you’re visiting soon, you should definitely stay at the city’s best hotel. Anahi Boutique Hotel is centrally located and offers high quality accommodations in Quito, which are equipped with amazing amenities and services so you can take pleasure in exploring Quito.

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