Why You Should Travel to Quito in 2018


2017 is almost over, so now is a great time to start planning new adventures for the next year. Have you been looking for an interesting destination in South America? Look no further than Quito, Ecuador’s capital! Here are the best reasons why you should visit Quito in 2018:

Affordable & Luxurious

Quito is a very affordable destination, despite being the country’s capital. When you compare prices of accommodations, food, and attractions to other popular tourist destinations, Quito shines as an inexpensive option. Anahi Boutique Hotel is a great example, allowing you to experience luxury without breaking the bank. Enjoy a high-quality boutique hotel in the center of the city with an amazing restaurant and unique, comfortable suites. A mix of affordable prices and interesting experiences attracts many tourists from all over the world. A growing amount of travelers usually also means higher prices in the future, so right now may be the cheapest time to travel to Ecuador and Quito!

We Can’t Know What The Future Holds

If you don’t go now, who knows if you will ever get the chance to visit the capital of Ecuador? Even if you are able to visit in the future, it may not be the same as it is right now. Quito’s atmosphere is modern, relaxed, and open like many of the South American metropolises but still reminiscent of colonial times and Ecuadorian history..

Flights from all around the world

Quito’s international airport is always busy, and you can fly from there to destinations all around the world. Daily flights make sure that you won’t have any problems planning your getaway to Ecuador. The international airport of Quito receives daily flights from all around the world including direct flights from important hubs like Amsterdam, Madrid, Lima, Bogota, New York, Miami, to name but a few. Make sure to include Quito as a destination when travelling to South America and explore this beautiful city for a couple of days!

You can easily access other interesting places from Quito

Quito itself is an interesting place and you can definitely see all the major attractions when staying with us in Anahi Boutique Hotel in the heart of the city. After you have seen everything there is to see in the city, it will be easy to continue your trip to anywhere in Ecuador. Given that Ecuador is a small country, you can travel all the way from the highlands (Andes) to the coast in a day. Many people take trips to the Galapagos Islands or the Amazon Rainforest straight from Quito. The possibilities are almost endless because Quito is a capital city with over 2,5 million people! You can take plane, bus or even rent a car to get to other interesting places around Ecuador and South America.

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